Dubrovnik Classic Wooden Boat Cruises

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Touch Of Elegance

(1.5 hours)

Brides to be, this is a great idea for an ultimateDubrovnik experience with a touch of elegance.

A luxurious Dubrovnik experience with a difference, enjoy some cruising and bubbles on the Gospar Majestic Boat. Pick the music you like and just enjoy life to the fullest!

This one’s for the ladies and the lovers. A calm and peaceful 1.5 hour cruise (with a hint of excitement) on the luxurious Gospar. A stop off at a peaceful harbour for some bubbles and treats on board and time for a few beautiful pictures.

Guided Tours
Indira Stanić, Licensed Tour Guide
GSM: 00 385 98 704 988

Speedboat Tours
Marojica Stanić, Licensed Skipper
GSM: 00 385 99 770 5451